Managing and Integrating Digital Information

Welcome! MIDI Services is a unqiue e-services company that specializes in strategic e-business development. MIDI Services focuses on delivering top-notch, innovative, business-centric technology solutions.

Our commitment is to provide high impactleading edge, and resonably priced end-to-end solutions for your business challenges.  This sounds like every other promise out there, until you look below at the truly innovative solutions, conepts, and systems that drive new business, new ideas, and new business models.

This is a very exciting time to be in any industry that has technology and creative components.  MIDI Services bridges these two compentancies to bring you a unique suite of services to make your vision stand out from the pack.

We guarantee that we're not your normal consulting company.  And we're proud of it.

To see what MIDI Services can do for you, check out the following work we've done for ourselves and our clients:

The Opinion

A unique, full-featured on-line magazine. Recently listed as Yahoo!'s Pick Of The Week and featured in The Chicago Tribune, The Opinion enjoys thousands of visitors each week. Some cool facts: 99% of the links are database queries, there's a fully automated on-line editors desk, and the site is fully administratable via the web.
  • MIDI Services owns and operates The Opinion.


The very first site. The MIDI Services Flagship site. For this site, MIDI stands for "Musical Instrument Digital Interface" -- a popular way to create sounds using a PC or synthesizer. Completed in 1995, MIDI.COM is a portal site for MIDI related information on the Internet. Boasting the world's largest MIDI site search engine, MIDI.COM enjoys over 1 million hits every month.
  • MIDI Services owns and operates MIDI.COM. And, by the way, this site is profitable.
  • MIDI.COM is for sale.  See below contact information for more information.

The National Forensic Center

We inherited this site from another Internet consulting company -- complete with a non-relational database and average looks. Using our network of professional subcontractors, we decided to fix the database first. Now their database is fully relational, and can handle complex searches -- just what their users wanted.  (MIDI Services also custom-built a database-driven, secure e-commerce shopping cart on this site as well -- try it out on their on-line bookstore). We're currently working with the client on a new look and feel.

Elect Cain
This site demonstrates how quickly MIDI Services can respond to a need.  The Campaign to Elect John Cain came to us on June 5th to have a fully functional site done by June 15th.  Not only was the site completed on June 13th, but the site was developed to allow John Cain -- the man running for office -- to update the site on a daily basis. 
Tele Vue Optics (in progress)
The leader in the telescope and eyepiece industry, Tele Vue Optics came to MIDI Services because they wanted to take control of their web presence.  MIDI Services is currently working with Tele Vue to enable a fully-redesigned site that gives them complete control of their content. 
Laptop Parts Express (MSC Industries) (in progress)
MSC was looking for a way to do complete e-commerce with their inventory.  MIDI Services is in the process of giving them a full inventory management system on the web.  This will allow MSC to add, remove, change, buy, sell, ship, and process all of the products they sell -- all on the Internet.  Once this is complete, MIDI Services will be working on a fully-functional auction house for MSC as well.
Other work we've done:

  • IT strategy for a major Philadephia financial services firm
  • Contributing author for IDG Publishing's "Internet Secrets"
  • Featured in MecklerMedia's Internet World magazine for work done on a corporate Intranet system
  • New Project Development:
    • - The best technology available
    • - Reviews for educated consumers
    • - A short story board
    • - We'll help make your dream a reality!


    Jon Deutsch
    President, MIDI Services